Smart Screen Solution Uses Movement-Driven Interface, 3D to Engage Students

By using interactive displays powered by intelligent sensors and cameras, Prowise digital learning solutions provide a gesture‑based interactive experience that aims to keep students moving and improve learning outcomes. The solutions also adapt to remote learning, allowing students and teachers to collaborate virtually until in-person classrooms can resume.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has created an exceptional challenge for educators, students, and even parents everywhere. While some school districts have resumed in-person classes this fall, many others are using an assortment of remote platforms, collaborative learning tools, and connectivity workarounds. For solution integrators, this shift has resulted in dealing with everything from a skyrocketing demand for Chromebooks for students to retrofitting retired school buses with smart technology that delivers Wi-Fi to the neighborhood. 

Right now, school districts all over the country are refining their remote education plan simultaneously with their reopening plan. According to data collected by Education Week, 15 of the 20 largest school districts are expected to be teaching fully online in the fall. As of September 2, 73 percent of the 100 largest school districts have chosen remote learning only as their back-to-school instructional model, affecting more than 8 million of the 50 million public school students in the United States.

Smart Screens for an A+ Learning Experience

As districts sort out their plans, technology solutions that can be adaptive to in-person learning and extend to remote applications are coming into the spotlight. Experts on back-to-school priorities all seem to agree that it is most important to get the youngest children back into school buildings, even for partial daytime instruction, as they are less equipped to cope with the difficulties of online education.

One technology provider with digital solutions for the K-12 education market is Prowise. A UK-based company, the Prowise Full Solution for Education is an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution. Its technology platform incorporates several intelligent products, including large screen digital displays equipped with IoT sensors, cameras, and microphones. Prowise provides several next-generation functions for in-classroom and remote learning, including 3D image display, videoconference, and screen-share capabilities, and touch and motion-based application control.

The Prowise Gesture-Based Approach

At the core of the Prowise solution are its Touchscreens, powered by Prowise Central operating system software. The Touchscreen gives educators whiteboard functionality and the ability to create their own learning apps for students. Teachers can also project up to four student devices on a central shared screen.

IoT comes into the picture with Prowise MOVE. Using Intel® RealSense™ technology, the capabilities of the Prowise Touchscreen extend from touch to gesture-based control, enabling embodied learning and movement that is more engaging than traditional whiteboard teaching. Students are challenged and encouraged to participate proactively and physically while standing in front of the screen. 

Teachers and students can use and interact with applications on the screen without physically touching it. The Intel® RealSense™ D415 camera in combination with the Prowise touchscreen registers a person’s every move. These motions are converted to a 3D image of the person, enabling the screen to follow and broadcast movements on the Touchscreen.

Prowise has developed its own range of learning applications and games for MOVE. The games are specially developed for education, and encourage pupils to get in motion while they conduct cognitive exercises. Other applications give teachers the capability to use 3D images in their lessons, and they can move the images around the screen with simple gesture controls. 

Man gestures at 3D model of ship

Image credit: Prowise

Remote Teaching Adaptability

For remote teaching and social-distanced classrooms, the Prowise MOVE camera can be used as a normal webcam in combination with the Skype app, which comes installed on the Touchscreen. The four wide area microphones integrated in the Prowise Touchscreen recognize voices up to eight meters from the screen, as the solution includes a 2.1 Dolby Certified soundbar. Notes from the instructor are captured on the system and can be shared with all students, so they can follow along at home.

For security, teachers log into the Prowise system with an NFC card that they hold against the screen. The system also protects the privacy of teachers and students alike, at levels that comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

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