Smart Health Screening Solutions Help Schools Detect, Manage COVID-19

As schools open after pandemic restrictions, student health remains a priority for families and administrators. Technology can help parents screen their children’s vital health information in the privacy of their own home for entrance to schools and can provide a solution to screen students on-site to make sure they’re healthy. 


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This school year is looking far different than it did in 2020. Last year, K-12 schools were either still following a remote learning model, or some students were in the classroom while others stayed home. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research, 96 percent of public and private schools opened this fall for full in-person learning. Vaccines are readily available and mask-wearing requirements are widespread.

But while students and their teachers have returned to the classroom, schools remain focused on keeping children and staff safe and healthy. Unfortunately, according to the CDC, approximately 1,800 schools across the country have had to close their doors because of COVID-19 outbreaks, affecting 933,000 students. The CDC recommends a multicomponent strategy of vaccination, universal indoor masking, physical distancing, and screening testing to make sure students, teachers, and staff are healthy when on school grounds.

Helping to Stop the Spread

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, COVID-19 may prevail for years before it can be completely eliminated, and screening and detection is still difficult. The health community needs a way to effectively identify the virus in the shortest possible time in order to keep those infected isolated from healthy individuals. 

IoT technology can help schools provide an extra measure of protection against virus transmission. Some solutions rely heavily on parental involvement, requiring parents or guardians to monitor their child’s vital information and upload daily updates to a student portal.

One of those solutions is from Intel partner Soter Technologies. It has developed StudentHealthPass™, a safety check system that can be completed by parents or students at home. Users that opt in to the solution can input the student’s vital information--temperature and blood oxygen level--into the StudentHealthPass platform, which connects to both a school and family portal. The family portal enables parents and children to keep track of the student’s vital information through an interactive dashboard. 

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Image credit: Soter Technologies

Also from Soter Technologies is SymptomSense™, which looks like a metal detector but instead of screening for weapons, it checks temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and respiration rate. It can detect fever, elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, congestion, and hypoxia. The system can connect to the Internet to facilitate updates for central management and provides health scan reports.

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