Education Transformation: New Technology to Go the Distance

As schools and universities prepare for fall classes, technology such as IoT, AI-based vision applications, and remote learning apps and solutions will all have an increasingly important role in the education ecosystem. See what technologies are in use worldwide that are helping teachers and students stay safe and still maintain an interactive, collaborative learning environment.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the classroom experience, surfacing issues for teachers and students such as inequitable access, inconsistent instruction, and variables in learning delivery. As schools and universities are preparing for fall 2020, all of us are wondering what the classroom experience will be and what technologies will rise to the top to help teachers, parents, and students stay safe, connected, and focused.

The IoT Integrator editors recently talked with Wei Huang Oania, the Education Vertical General Manager, Internet of Things Group, at Intel Corporation. In the IoT Integrator Wire podcast, she describes how educators will rely on the smart classroom everywhere model, using digital technology that provides interaction and collaborative experiences across multiple platforms. 

Oania also highlights the growing role of IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G technologies that are reshaping the education ecosystem. She discusses some of the newest innovations for educators, including AI-based vision applications that can assess student’s understanding of new concepts and help teachers determine if adjustments are needed for optimal learning.


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