Solutions Guide: In-Store Retail Technologies

The retail sector has been evolving rapidly over the past few decades with the advent of eCommerce. The pandemic has further accelerated retail transformation as customers shifted their purchase behaviors online. While extreme viewpoints predict the end of physical retail stores, a less drastic retail reality is emerging.

More than ever before retailers have invested in interconnecting the physical and online retail experiences. Instead of treating online and physical stores as separate buying channels for the customer, modern retailers envision the entire buying journey as one integrated purchase experience that might begin online and end up in a physical store or vice versa. In this evolving landscape, retailers who direct new investments towards omnichannel customer experiences, processes, and tools are likely to be highly successful.

Download the Retail Technology Guide to learn about industry trends and how Arrow and Intel are together ushering in the next generation of retail solutions.

Topics covered in this guide include:

Download the Solutions Guide: In-Store Retail Technologies.

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