oVio Revolutionizes Visual and Biometric Data Creation

Cutting-edge visual imaging technology brings digital images to life. The resulting 360 degree high resolution image scans and 3D avatars go beyond gaming applications and have the potential to make a positive impact on medical treatments, critical security, and virtual training programs.  


Image credit: oVio Technologies

oVio Technologies is banking on a successful future based on two very different markets that need its intelligent digital imaging solution: aesthetic medical practices and police departments. The California-based startup has developed a 360-degree imaging device, the oVio360,  that renders 360-degree, high density image files, including a life-like avatar from its digital images. The technology was designed by a Hollywood special effects engineer, says oVio CEO George Rebensdorf, and is well-suited to applications in aesthetic medicine, and law enforcement. 

The oVio360 solution includes a seven-foot-tall stand equipped with 2D and 3D cameras, horizontal and halo lights, and a robotic arm that rotates around the subject, who stands under the center of the device. The cameras capture one image every degree as they make a full 360-degree revolution, and the image files are consolidated into highly detailed video files. The entire 360-degree scan takes only 12 seconds, and the avatar can be created in about one minute.

“There’s no need for a team of renderers,” Rebensdorf says. Once the avatar is created, it can be animated, used for gaming, or exported as an NFT. Images can be tagged, stored, and shared with authorized users.


Aesthetics and Secure IDs

oVio’s most robust market is aesthetic medicine, including plastic surgery, hair restoration, and dermatology. Augmented reality and virtual reality gaming are also potential markets, but oVio is expanding in a new direction partly due to its new relationship with Arrow Electronics.

“The biggest growth market right now is ID management,” Rebensdorf says. “Honestly, that’s what we built it for.”

oVio can help secure airports, government buildings, and campuses by identifying authorized visitors and approved staff. With LiDAR tracking, it can follow unauthorized people throughout the area. 

“There is a strong use case for security,” says Peter Burnett, business development representative of Arrow’s Intelligent Solutions business. “It can be used for access management. For instance, the solution can tell you who entered a schoolyard that’s not supposed to be there.”

Creating a Full Digital Picture of Alleged Criminals

oVio can create realistic 2D image files and life-like avatars when police book alleged criminals. The 3D scans can show tattoos, scars, and other markings that are not always captured in a mug shot or seen in a lineup. Crime victims can view images of alleged perpetrators as avatars on a screen rather than from behind a window or in a flip book.

“This solution takes the mug shot ahead 40 years,” Rebensdorf says. “If you use our system at a police booking, you can get a headshot, a body shot, and a virtual line up. People can be convicted and acquitted based on their tattoos.”

One benefit of oVio’s technology in security applications is that it is skin-tone agnostic. “Our wireframe doesn’t use color. It uses images of your face,” Rebensdorf says. “Facial recognition is essentially an AI function. The thing about AI is that it works well if it has a lot of data. The less data it has, the more a solution has to use guesses. The oVio technology creates a lot of data available for use as much as necessary” to ensure accuracy. 

Image credit: oVio Technologies

Working with Arrow

oVio launched the oVio360 using a contract manufacturer to build the robotic platform with integrated cameras and Intel®-based sensors and computing technologies. As demand grew, oVio sought a collaborator to keep up with the increased product demand. A business consultant introduced oVio to Arrow Electronics, and the two companies joined forces.

Arrow has been tweaking the oVio design, improving the form factor, and updating the technology. “We’re not exactly redesigning the system, but we’re improving on what oVio has done so far,” Burnett says. Arrow will mass produce the equipment for oVio and install and support the system.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with Arrow. They can do everything from logistics, design, engineering, integration, packaging, installation, and even the warranty. It’s a perfect fit,” says Dean Argeros, oVio’s director of engineering.


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