New Podcast: The Smart Connected Building

The pandemic definitely altered the conversation and business drivers for smart building automation techology. What’s happening now that companies are once again using at least part of their office spaces? In our podcast, Tim Vogel, VP of Connected Solutions at KMC Controls, shares insights into the latest building automation developments and predicts what OT and IoT technology we can expect to see in the smart building of the future.

Image credit: Tim Vogel, KMC Controls

The pandemic forever changed how we use office space. Right now, an astoundingly high amount of building space sits empty. For example, San Francisco now has 21 million square feet of empty office space, which is a new record, according to SocketSite. For context, the tallest building in San Francisco, the Salesforce Tower, contains 1.35 million square feet of space on 59 floors. Doing the math, that means there are 15.4 Salesforce towers worth of empty office space spread across San Francisco, which is roughly enough space to accommodate 119,000 employees.

As the office workforce has forever shifted to a hybrid model, building managers are seeking automated ways to maintain energy efficiency and security based on ever-changing building occupancy. And with the remnants of COVID lingering, building owners have also been particularly concerned about their buildings’ indoor environmental quality (IEQ):

The New Approach to Smart Building Automation

To find answers to these and other smart building technology questions, the IoT Integrator Wire editors in our latest podcast sat down with Tim Vogel, VP of Connected Solutions at KMC Controls, a company with 50 years of history in building automation technology.

Tim has a passion for helping others see more, know how, understand why, act faster, work smarter, and be more successful. A member of The Channel Company’s IoT Advisory Board, Tim shares insights on how he and his team at KMC Controls are trying to disrupt the old-guard model and are innovating the approach to smart building automation.

Tim talks about the business drivers for IoT technology and describes the need for building automation and efficiency in office spaces in our post-pandemic world.

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