Improve Factory Productivity, Precision, Performance, and Energy Efficiency

Ectron and Arrow executed a comprehensive plug-and-play industrial automation solution to enable the digital transformation of any factory into a smart factory.


IoT projects are the heart of modern industrial transformation. Connecting devices, sensors, and plant control systems is critical for generating new data-based insights. While the benefits of IoT are numerous, IoT implementations are complex and can be very tedious. A variety of factors need to be taken into consideration when deploying IoT solutions.

Deployment considerations include decisions on the right technology platforms to connect sensors, edge devices, data transmission infrastructure, and cloud storage. Ensuring that the data from devices is aggregated at scale and archived appropriately for analytics is also crucial. Further, deciding the scope and frequency of the data collected is also important. All these considerations make technology and cross-domain expertise central to the success of IoT deployments.

Download the Ectron and Arrow Solution case study for smart manufacturing.


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