Digitize Retail Stores and Venues with Comprehensive AI-Based Solutions

Personalize content, increase sales effectiveness, and optimize operations.



Public spaces and retail venues have a varied flow of people. The impact of advertising, product positioning, and general store layout on the way people move about retail spaces is of keen interest to retailers and event managers. Analysis of foot traffic helps stakeholders understand the effectiveness of marketing efforts and determine the space’s optimal usage. Commonly termed as footfall or traffic analysis, measuring human traffic in commercial and public spaces can be challenging as many of these efforts rely on manual counting and anecdotal evidence. Digital solutions are now emerging that can automate footfall analytics using AI and offer deep insights into human behavior in retail and event environments.

Retailers can now quantify time spent by customers at any spot in their store, understand the effectiveness of sales campaigns and take steps to increase conversion rates and overall draw of the retail space. Neoteros is a specialist in providing solutions for foot traffic analyses. In partnership with Arrow, Neoteros offers comprehensive solutions to help customers identify and deploy foot traffic analytics infrastructure.

Download the Arrow and Neoteros Solution for retail stores and venues case study.


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