Healthcare Gives AI a Wellness Check Is AI ready for the tough demands of healthcare? Berlin Institute of Health, University Hospital, and Penn Medicine are early AI adopters, adding AI into their workforce to speed diagnosis, improve workflows, and deliver better patient outcomes. These organizations and others are testing AI limits and opening doors for innovations.    
How AI and Machine Learning Are Modernizing Healthcare The adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are occurring in rapid-fire fashion in every area of healthcare. Everything from patient data records, to imaging analysis, to drug discovery, to AI-assisted robotic surgery is being retooled and refreshed through integration of these technologies.  
Smart Camera Network Provides Valuable Monitoring in Wildfire Zones As fire dangers increase, municipalities turn to integrated weather, imaging, and landscape data to generate real-time predictive response maps to help firefighters.
Insurance Companies Transform their Claims Process with Drones The commercial use of drone technology by the insurance industry is ticking upwards. According to PwC, drones could replace over $127 billion worth of human labor and services, with the insurance industry accounting for $6.8 billion of that total.