Screen showing dashboard about water leak stats
AI Solutions Help Identify Water Leaks

Water waste and leaky pipes cost companies more than a drop in the bucket, and often they are unaware of any issues. With the Internet of Things technologies, building operators can improve efficiency and sustainability, prevent damage from water leaks, and save money in the process.  

Female sharing crop stats on tablet with three people standing in green field
Tapping into IoT for Better Beer Production and Inventory Control

A legacy company taps cutting edge technologies to improve product quality, boost production efficiency, and foster brand loyalty. Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow producers to mine data for operational insights, fine-tune processes in real time, and tailor promotions for their customers.  

Luis Alvarez from Alvarez Technology Group
New Podcast: SMBs Turn to IoT, Smart Systems to Survive Pandemic

California businesses are dealing with many adverse conditions this year, including severe drought affecting agriculture operations and ongoing COVID-19 workforce disruptions. Fortunately, IoT can help with those challenges, with automation tools that can maintain ideal growing conditions and thermal solutions that can monitor workforce well-being. In our podcast, our editors sat down with solution integrator Luis Alvarez, who describes how IoT is hard at work in the Golden State.  

Woman waves hand in front of screen to get a temperature reading
A Touch of Haptics and Hand Tracking Tech in a 2D World

In the future, haptics feedback could enrich online shopping by allowing customers to feel fabrics, operate kiosks and screens without touching them, expand the capabilities of remote medicine, and bring humanity to virtual reality.  

Medical instrument shines green light into female patient's eye
AI Brings Vision to Sight Impaired

Machine learning and computer vision aid doctors in the diagnosis of diabetic-related eye diseases, enabling early treatment and preventing vision loss. People who have experienced profound vision loss might benefit in the future from an AI-based bionic eye that provides spatial awareness.

Body temperature readings appear for images of 2 men and a woman
3 Must-Have Technologies to Help Protect Schools from COVID-19

Protecting students while giving them a safe learning environment is a top priority during the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. As students across the country are coming back to the classrooms, school districts are turning to IoT and technology solutions that can help stop the spread of the virus. Wachter has identified three technologies that make pandemic mitigation easier for schools.  

Delivery truck in background with a mobile screen app showing transportation data
Full Speed Ahead: Using AI to Reimagine Urban Transit

Public transportation use is increasing as workers venture back to offices. The pandemic has changed how riders use the transit systems and what they expect from it. AI-based apps can help cities determine where and how to best address customer needs.  

Smart screens help venues understand crowd size
IoT Hits High Notes with Security Management for Large Venues

Artificial intelligence and biometrics are increasingly used to ensure the safety and security of the thousands of patrons, performers, athletes, and workers at large venues. From arrival to departure, machine learning will help event organizers maintain a safe, efficient experience.  

parking garage with digital sign
A SmartCloud Platform Enables Smart Parking – and More

The SmartPark system is an intelligent IoT services platform that integrates parking, guidance, payment, and analytics. It relies on the SmartCloud service platform to gather data from thousands of installed IoT sensors that can register a vehicle’s arrival and departure and can process that information into valuable, real-time transportation system reporting.   

Brown and green container robot for fresh food
Self-Serve Salad Bars Tossed Aside for Salad-Making Robots

Although the days of self-serve salad bars and buffets may be gone, the pandemic opened new doors for food preparation technology. Among the devices developed to meet new safety standards are robots that prep and serve food.     

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