Wachter hologram booth
Creating Immersive Customer Experiences with Holograms

As the online retail shopping channel grows exponentially, retailers are turning to innovative technology to better communicate and connect with customers in stores. Among the most engaging options is a solution that incorporates holograms for an immediate, engaging experience.

ComQi digital sign at a visitor point.
Smart Digital Displays Connect Tourists with Activities

CTM Media Group wanted to bring to life local attractions and tourist activities for visitors in vacation destinations across North America. ComQi’s interactive digital displays and content management system—with rich content creation and device monitoring and management capabilities—enables the company to do so.

Intel digital signs
Transform Spaces with IoT Digital Signs

The digital signage opportunity is growing fast as stores, banks, and hotels look to keep their spaces safer and deliver welcoming customer experiences. Watch our video to learn how solution integrators can tap into the growing demand for smart, connected, digital signs.   

Robotron*SmartMonitoring system device in a museum.
Smart Environmental Monitoring Protects Museum Collections

Long range sensors monitor environmental conditions, so museums can protect priceless artwork, artifacts, and historical papers from deteriorating. Some technologies even allow museums to mine their warehouses to maintain better inventory and to create digital exhibits.

Mars Wrigley Maltesers® AI Cakies
How AI is Bringing Innovation to the Kitchen

During the pandemic, work-from-home-dwellers filled their free time with baking. One Google developer and baker paired those skills to create a baking algorithm for sweets manufacturing giant Mars Wrigley UK. The collaborative project mixed AI and machine learning with search engine data to create a foundation for pastry recipes crafted in a smart new way.

RADAR Smart Security System graphic
Smart IoT Security Network Puts Eyes and Ears on the Street

RADAR, an integrated, collaborative security system with AI at the edge gives first responders the images and audio they need to act fast for public safety. 

Adapdix EdgeSite mobile dashboard.
Edge Analytics for the Autonomous Enterprise

Distributed manufacturing operations present unique challenges when deploying automation technologies. Combining edge computing with distributed data analysis allows the enterprise to realize operational gains, while benefiting from intelligent data management from the edge through the cloud.

Patero technology platform
Grids, Pumps, and Pipelines: Vulnerable or Protected?

Traditional security algorithms are not strong enough to protect critical infrastructure from hackers armed with quantum computing. Quantum encryption is the answer, but many cyphers are untested, and solutions can be slow. A proven hybrid approach can provide security without latency.

Andy Timm profile image.
New Podcast: The Power of Partnerships

The path to building a successful IoT solution is often more of a bumpy road than a smooth highway. Bringing partners, distributors, technology manufacturers, solution integrators, and customers together on a project requires a unique facilitator, sometimes known as a “digital orchestrator.” In our podcast, Andy Timm, ecosystem architect and advisor for New Vision Solutions, talks about how he operates as a digital orchestrator and shares insights on matchmaking and partnerships. 

WaitTime dashboard showing occupancy, camera view, map, and statistics.
Smart Video Analytics Platform Delivers Real-time Crowd Intelligence

WaitTime intelligent software deciphers crowd behavior in a whole new way. The proprietary AI technology assigns behavior profiles based on movement and speed, unlike other existing crowd technology that relies on Bluetooth connections or beacons. Here’s how WaitTime keeps crowd data anonymous–and is changing the waiting game.

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