smartphone showing mobile app for smart kitchen
The Voice-controlled Smart Kitchen Makes IoT Intuitive

Home cooks are benefitting from voice-activated technologies. From following recipes to new cooking techniques, voice assistants make cooking easier, plus artificial intelligence remembers your preferences, so food is perfectly cooked every time.   

Two farm workers in the middle of a crowd of turkeys
The Internet of Turkeys: Smart Ag on the Rise at the Poultry Farm

This November, remember to give thanks to the IoT technologies that improve turkey production. From operational management to disease detection, IoT and artificial intelligence technologies help drive efficiencies in farming.  

robot in kitchen
DaVinci Kitchen Robot Serves Up Meals in Minutes

Automated kitchen powered by Intel® processors cooks fast, tasty, made-to-order pasta for contact-free dining. Could the processors, robotic arm, and cleaning station handle the prep work for future Thanksgiving meals?  

metal waste container with green trees label
IoT Enables Smart, Sustainable Food Waste Management Solution

A technology-based waste disposal machine uses IoT technologies and natural breakdown processes to reduce and prevent food waste with the goal of creating a zero-landfill environment.  

AI technology screens the temperature of man entering dining area
How AI is Powering a Safe Return to the Workplace

Real-time workplace data streamed from IoT sources such as cameras, temperature probes, and tags can now be collected and analyzed at the edge and processed using artificial intelligence (AI). The results offer immediate insights, and in some cases, AI can even take actions to detect and prevent health risks to customers and employees.  

man wearing mask shows mobile app screen with speech translation tools
Intelligent Face Mask Crosses the Language Barrier

A Japanese robotics company creates a smart face mask that can translate speech into eight languages using an embedded microphone, artificial intelligence, and a smartphone.  

Smart glass enclosed dining room with lakeside view
Builders Get a Charge Out of Smart Glass Options

Dynamic glass allows building owners to improve energy efficiency by adjusting heat and light transfer as needed. Now the same technology enables businesses and health care facilities to create flexible private spaces that are easy to maintain.  

Smart shopping cart
Retail Turns to IoT to Keep Customers and Employees Safe

Contact-free shopping and socially distanced customer service have become premium offerings in stores trying to keep everyone safe from spreading the coronavirus. Digital displays and AI-powered shopping carts are leading the way back to enjoyable—and safe—shopping experiences.   

Racks of baked good with image identifiers
Bakeries Add a Dash of AI and Sensors to Optimize Production

Bakeries heat up profits with a boost from artificial intelligence. Coupling a smart edge controller with cloud-based reporting results in perfectly baked goods every time, no matter the quantity or who is on the clock.  

Man standing in front of truck with GoodRoads sensor box
On the Road with IoT in Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love embraces technology to improve city roadways and help citizens as part of its Pitch & Pilot program. A series of partnerships with small tech companies and integrators push Philadelphia closer to its smart city goals.