Robots offer aid to manufacturing.
Intelligent Factories of the Future

As more manufacturers begin to integrate smart machines into their production processes, employees throughout the industry seek to understand what it will mean to the factory of the future.

Singapore has virtual, digital twin city.
The Rise of IoT Propels Digital Twin Technology Growth

The pervasiveness of IoT sensors allows forward-thinking companies to create a digital twin of a project and benefit from real-time access to project data, design flexibility with minimal risk, and efficiencies in time and cost.  

Whiz robot keeps airport floors clean.
Robotic Systems Join Workforce at Airports Around the Globe

Airports around the globe are turning to robotics and automated IoT technology to help facilitate a range of automated workforce tasks, including cleaning, parking, and baggage handling.  

Blueberries in the field
Tracking Perishable Goods with Blockchain and the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform

Intel partnered with a leading blueberry supplier to show how using blockchain technology in the supply chain can help farmers deliver fresh produce to market in prime condition.  

Drone view of Rogue Ales hop farm
Rogue Ales Uses IoT for Efficient Supply Chain Tracking

Using the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform, Rogue collects temperature and humidity data on its shipments of hops at every stage between the hop yard and the brewery.  

Prescription medicine supply chain
IoT Closes Gaps in Pharma Supply Chain

Tracking temperatures and locations with IoT-based thermo-monitoring solutions is keeping life-saving medicines viable and patients safe.

IEI connected equipment solution
IEI Brings IoT Value to Smart Manufacturers

IEI offers an Intel® IOT Market Ready Solution that collects manufacturing and equipment data for analysis. Based on analyst projections, digitizing on-floor data for predictive maintenance and factory automation is primed for growth and IEI has proven solutions to support integrators.  

A technician installs an ALERTWildfire camera. Photo courtesy Southern California Edison
Smart Camera Network Provides Valuable Monitoring in Wildfire Zones

As fire dangers increase, municipalities turn to integrated weather, imaging, and landscape data to generate real-time predictive response maps to help firefighters.

Hosts checking in guest at Henn-na Hotel
The New Approach to Hospitality: A Hotel Run by Robots

Having robots in charge of the reception and placing robots everywhere, the Henn-na Hotel aims to be the most efficient hotel in the world.

Seeing the Big Picture of Data

Stanford University and IoT integrator CineMassive have built a digital video wall like no other.