road signs and sensors mark a road prone to flooding
New Orleans Stalls Heat and Rain Damage with IoT

Living in the Big Easy means living with the good and the bad weather of a subtropical climate. IoT sensors are helping the city track flooding and high temperatures to protect residents in danger zones and revitalize neighborhoods through better planning and development.  

Lung damage shown on VR screen
VR Tests the Realities of the Workplace

Are remote learning and remote working preparing us for a virtual reality future? As work environments adjust to new demands, VR is honing workforce skillsets and taking on multiple roles in construction, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.  

Robot in the middle of a grocery aisle
Smart Robots Bring Inventory Skills, New Value to Retail

Stores tap IoT technology to improve operating efficiency. Robots harness artificial intelligence and computer vision to reduce inventory errors, optimize supply chain management, and free human workers for customer care.  

football helmet
Fighting COVID-19: NFL Scores a Safety for Players

The NFL kicks off the 2020 season with COVID-19 protections in mind to protect players and team staff, using redesigned Oakley mouth shields for particulate blocking and Kinexon SafeTag devices for contact warning and contact tracing.   

First responder holds sensor attached to clothing
IoT Sensors Called to the Wildfire Front Line

The Department of Homeland Security explores ground-based sensors near wildfire spark points to speed alerts to first responders and state and local emergency management agencies.   

workers on lift install sensors near traffic lights
Busy Arizona Highway Uses Intelligent IoT to Ease Gridlock

Smart transportation technology helps tap the breaks on traffic along Arizona’s Bell Road Highway. GRIDSMART uses real-time data and edge computing to improve travel time and intersection efficiency, even when the tourists come.  

screen interface for robot
Smart Germbusters: Industrial Cleaning Robots Fight COVID-19

Autonomous robotic vacuums step in to provide thorough cleaning as buildings open up. Artificial intelligence lightens the load for a strapped janitorial staff amid pandemic concerns.  

Robot branded with FedEx rolls up hill to deliver package
Automation Nation: Fast, Efficient Same-Day and Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

Providing door-to-door pickup and delivery, intelligent carts and robots are changing the way that packages are delivered, providing faster, safer, contactless delivery options for residential neighborhoods.   

Shelves in retail store
Smart Infrastructure: Stop & Shop Green Lights an Efficient IoT Solution

Stop & Shop drives energy savings with a commercial lighting control system that integrates IoT technologies with mesh networking, and a cloud-based energy management system from Daintree.  

female healthcare worker looking at monitor
Putting Interconnected IoT Devices to Work to Improve Patient Healthcare

Innovation will continue to fuel the medical device sector’s ongoing quest for better ways to diagnose and treat  medical conditions proactively. When devices are interconnected, the ability for practitioners and clinicians to provide better patient care is increased exponentially.