caregiver monitoring multiple patients Uniper system
Telehealth Provides Valuable Link for Multi-patient Care and Isolation Hardships

In the fight against coronavirus, telehealth platforms with computer vision and smart cameras are helping to keep healthcare workers and patients safe and isolated communities more connected.

Isinnova’s 3D-printed valves.
3D Printing Comes Through in Ventilator Crisis

With a shortage of healthcare supplies and COVID-19 patients failing, two Italian engineers fire up their 3D printer to fulfill an immediate demand for ventilator valves. The coronavirus outbreak highlights how additive manufacturing can be used as a stopgap measure in times of crisis.    

Honeywell factory building
How Manufacturers Are Managing Stress on the Supply Chain

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic shows how the supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Manufacturers that have increasingly relied on overseas suppliers are finding their operations at a standstill. Here are some ways to avoid that dilemma.  

Myo hand pointer
The Internet of Things and Healthcare Policy Principles

Because of widespread wastefulness in healthcare service delivery and need for virtual care models, McKinsey forecasts that 40 percent of the global economic impact of the Internet of Things revolution will occur in healthcare, more than any other sector. 

Healthcare worker pointing at EMR on screen
10 Internet of Medical Things Solutions to Strengthen Your Healthcare Portfolio

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market is expected to reach $158 billion in the next two years. Here’s a roundup of 10 different solutions to help integrators chart a path in healthcare.  

Plug&Sense! Smart Environment PRO in a lantern
Sensor Network Helps Prevent Asthma Attacks on Children’s Playground

An automated air quality monitoring network in a smart city in Russia provides real-time accurate measurements of particulates, helping to protect vulnerable populations at schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.  

Patient video streams healthcare conversation
Telehealth: Tools to Help in the Fight Against Coronavirus

IoT technologies allow medical professionals to provide remote clinical services to patients, bringing better healthcare options to more people at a lower cost. Telehealth services are critical to reducing the spread of diseases like the flu and coronavirus, and they will continue to grow as more patients demand remote care. 

AI with computer vision
Getting Started with AI for Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating opportunities for SIs building solutions that include applications of computer vision. According to McKinsey & Company forecasts, AI is expected to create $13 trillion in additional economic activity by 2030.  

Smart lock from Kisi
Cloud-based Management Unlocks Access Control Market

The powerful combination of IoT technologies and smart phones have propelled the smart lock industry into a fast-growing market. Building managers are loading their virtual toolbox with intelligent solutions that unlock better security and much greater control and flexibility.

IoT and beacons creates smart workplaces
IoT Usage Expanding in the Enterprise

IoT is entering the business world and ready to help employees stay healthy, track data center assets, and make workplaces smarter and more environmentally friendly.