VISuite video analytics solution camera frames.
IoT Boosts Video-based Security Systems

Security is a top priority for companies and government institutions across the globe, and that is fueling demand for artificial intelligence-based video surveillance systems. Strategically placed in smart cities, airports, and federal buildings these systems can ensure that citizens, employees, and passengers are safe.

Healthcare professional using the Connected Worker solution.
Connected Worker Technology Uplevels Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine has become commonplace and is now widely accepted and used by both healthcare practitioners and patients. Connected technologies such as CBT Connected Worker can connect clinicians and surgeons with specialists who can guide them through procedures.

Google’s Automated Retinal Disease Assessment tool
Google Cloud Uses AI to Better Predict Patient Heath

With better information comes better treatment. Google Cloud is working on AI engines that scour patient data to determine who is sick, who is at risk, and viable treatment options. It all hinges on machine learning and access to patient data.

Hi Auto ordering system connected with voice box.
Automated Ordering Systems Are the New Drive-thru Attendants

The pandemic changed the use of technology in the restaurant industry. Now, QSRs are turning to IoT for automated, efficient ordering systems to increase sales and reduce errors. 

Decathlon smart kiosk.
Retail Reimagined: Smart Self-Serve Kiosks Enhance Customer Experience

The in-store retail shopping processes of the pre-pandemic times are moving into retirement,  as consumers now desire the same smart, fast, purchasing experience that online shopping delivers. At the ready are new smart kiosk retail solutions that use IoT, analytics, machine vision, and cloud technology to deliver services such as customer authentication, wayfinding, inventory automation, digital advertising, and express checkout from anywhere in a store.

ALICE-aided construction site.
AI-based Simulation Tool Keeps Construction on Track

The power of AI allows general contractors to model construction projects, adjusting parameters on the fly to find the optimal construction schedule. It reduces upfront risks, helps keep projects on task, and can rein in expenses if they get out of control.

Mariner's Spyglass Visual Inspection solution detecting defects in a product.
Turbocharging Defect Detection: Machine Vision 2.0

Defect detection gets a boost from deep learning artificial intelligence. Improving computer vision solutions is saving companies from costly redundant practices and bolstering production capacity.

AMBOTS robot.
Swarm Manufacturing: Robotic 3D Printers Divide and Conquer

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technologies led to the development of swarm robots and additive manufacturing. Now, the two are coming together in a marriage that could change supply chains and manufacturing globally and, some researchers claim, could reach outer space.

Sirqul's Route ‘N’ Roll platform shown on mobile devices.
Cloud-based Dashcam Improves Fleet Management

The ubiquity of cell phones brings once cumbersome technologies right to our fingertips. Custom applications and cloud computing open present new opportunities to reveal operational insights and save delivery companies money.

ABB SSC600 devices
Smart Cities Flex their Power with Edge Computing, Digital Tech

Smart power systems are breathing new life into outdated electrical infrastructure. Centralized management, monitoring, and maintenance enable utility companies to lessen the frequency and impact of power outages, while improving response times and reducing operating costs.

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