Verity drone flying down a warehouse aisle.
Drones Create a Buzz of Warehouse Inventory Efficiency

Inventory tracking drones enable companies to respond more quickly and accurately to customer orders. Their precise tracking also ensures that inventory is not lost on the shelves, saving money and bringing companies closer to the coveted zero-error warehouse.

Soft Robotics mGrip machine picking up meat.
Speedy, Automated Robotics Yield High Efficiency in Food Packing

Soft flexible grippers and computer vision bring specialized automation capabilities to the food packaging market. Under the guidance of artificial intelligence, robotic arms are lending a hand to pack perishables for shipping.

AiQ smart clothing on models
Smart Fabrics Cool Body Temps and Carry Electrical Signals

Apparel companies focus on reinventing performance materials and sustainable clothing. Innovative textile options promise to help athletes compete at higher levels, monitor the elderly, and reduce cooling and heating requirements. 

Mezli robotic restaurant
Robots Only: First Fully Autonomous Restaurant Opens in San Francisco

With no on-site employees, startup restaurant Mezli relies only on robotics and automation technology to prepare meals. Functioning like a giant vending machine, the autonomous restaurant takes orders on a digital screen and robots prep, plate, and cook an assortment of Mediterranean grain bowls and sides then slide them along to waiting customers. 

Camera dashboard for Cisco connected school bus
Connected School Bus Technology Optimizes Safety and Operations

K-12 school districts need to ensure that school buses operate optimally, holding down costs while keeping students safe and secure. Buses and other school vehicles equipped with wi-fi, smart video, alerts, and GPS tracking help districts achieve safety objectives–and allow students to learn while enroute to school or home.

RF Controls long-distance RFID tag encoding for ceiling-mounted smart antennas
Retailers Scan for Efficient Inventory Solutions

New technologies are making the task of taking inventory faster, easier, and more accurate. Some clothing brands are integrating RFID tags into their products to improve inventory, monitor marketing efforts, and protect against theft and counterfeiting.

Computer vision technology eBook cover


eBook: Seeing Is Believing with Computer Vision

Download our new IoT Solution Integrator computer vision eBook to find out how video analytics can accelerate operations, enrich customer experiences, and improve human health and safety. 

Sea Machines AI-ris camera view
Sea Machines Uses AI, Vision to Steer Shipping Vessels to Safety

New maritime technology taps computer vision and artificial intelligence to enable commercial ships and workboats to operate autonomously. The new capabilities open up shipping routes and improve disaster response with increased safety and less environmental impact than current processes.

Telelogos digital display in public spaces.
Digital Display Controls Enable Eye-Catching, Up-to-the-Minute Information

Media4Display software from Telelogos offers flexible, secure, remote management of digital displays. With intelligence, the digital signage software allows organizations to communicate in real-time with employees, visitors, students, or clients in all kinds of places, from restaurants to hospitals to schools to outdoor public venues.

Insilico announces novel 3CL protease inhibitor preclinical candidate for COVID-19 treatment.
AI Reduces Time and Costs for Drug Discovery

The drug discovery process is time-consuming and expensive. Insilico Medicine is using an AI-powered platform to reduce researchers’ time and costs during drug discovery and the preclinical trial phase.

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