UdyogYantra's dashboard showing personalized nutritional information
IoT Platform Aims to Help Schoolchildren Get Balanced Nutrition

Children need adequate nutrition to fuel their bodies during their formative years. An IoT platform that uses AI and computer vision technology helps schools make sure students are receiving meals with the appropriate nutritional content and in the correct amounts to suit their unique, individual health requirements.

Deep North platform scanning shoppers at a mall.
AI-Powered Video Analytics Help to Optimize Markets

AI and automation are appearing in nearly every market. Deep North designed a scalable, versatile video analytics platform with the goal of increasing the ROI for companies in various industries, including retail and manufacturing. The platform uses video to analyze customer behavior, monitor security adherence, and understand frequently viewed areas and products. 

MENU platform on mobile phone.
MENU Makes Digital Ordering Easy

Digital restaurant platforms are improving the customer experience, but the benefits don’t end there. Customers enjoy a consistent ordering process, regardless of channel, and restaurateurs learn more about their customers, increase sales, and improve their operations.

Neonpass online platform.
AI and Facial Recognition Improve Hospital Service and Security

Neonpass from startup Hoobox Robotics provides check-in services and access control, uses AI to predict where to allocate resources, and streamlines patient care. 

John Deere autonomous tractor.
Intelligent Automation Is the Future of Farming

The global food demand is increasing, and farmers are increasingly enduring labor shortages and unpredictable weather conditions. AI and machine learning are helping farmers fight these challenges with automated equipment and computer vision, including John Deere’s new autonomous tractor.

CROO Robotics strawberry picking robot.
Strawberry Fields Forever: Computer Vision Aids Precision Harvesting

A robotic berry picker has the potential to change strawberry harvest. With 16 distinct robots within one autonomous vehicle, berries can be harvested quickly and carefully. The computer vision and artificial intelligence that enables such precise picking provides farmers with a trove of data about each plant and the farm, improving crops and profits.

Zededa's EVE-OS dashboard
Cloud Computing Designed for the Distributed Edge

Zededa has developed an edge management and orchestration solution that sits at the convergence of the IT and OT worlds. The cloud-based, SaaS solution brings visibility and security to highly distributed networks, regardless of the hardware and software deployed.

Tevel's flying autonomous robots (FAR) picking apples.
Flying Autonomous Robots Have Far-Reaching Uses in Agriculture

Labor shortages and increased costs are propelling IoT use in the agriculture industry. Orchards can soon use flying autonomous robots (FAR) to detect, harvest, and track the collection of ripe fruit. 

Pymetrics body language analysis system.
Can AI Help Companies Struggling with the Great Resignation?

As organizations face workforce gaps and talent losses, Pymetrics sees its AI platform as an alternative to traditional HR hiring practices. Using AI can help lessen human bias and identify quality candidates, hire equitably, reduce turnover rate, and enhance performance. Pymetrics applies AI-driven assessments to help companies build diverse, top-performing teams.

KEA and DADSS alcohol sensing system.
Driver Alcohol Detection Solution Aims to Reduce Drunk Driving Accidents

Two new smart sensor systems for automobiles developed by KEA Technologies use touch- and breath-analysis technology to automatically measure a driver’s blood alcohol content. The system can accurately determine in less than a second whether the driver might be impaired and if so, can keep the engine from starting.

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