Screen of dashboard showing insights from AnyVision platform
AnyVision Fast-Tracks Development of AI-based Vision Applications

Using Intel® DevCloud for the Edge as a sandbox for testing, prototyping, and solution optimization, AnyVision fine tunes its edge-based computer vision and AI solutions for a growing need for visual intelligence in security and payment systems.  

box and cameras showing WonderStore branding
WonderStore Uses IoT and Analytics to Create Smart Store Solution

WonderStore provides brick-and-mortar retail stores with shopper insights that rival online shopping data analytics. To develop its smart store technology, WonderStore used Intel® DevCloud for the Edge to create a solution that can enhance real-time customer insights using the power of AI and the cloud.  

person tapping on vending machine with finger
Intelligent Vending Machines Dispense Consumer Insight to Operators

IoT technologies in smart vending machines allow operators to see what products are selling, when to restock, and which machines need maintenance—all from a centralized dashboard. With added displays and visual capabilities, vending machines can suggest additional purchase options or display ads, increasing profitability.  

Charts and graphics on multiple screens
Education Transformation: New Technology to Go the Distance

As schools and universities prepare for fall classes, technology such as IoT, AI-based vision applications, and remote learning apps and solutions will all have an increasingly important role in the education ecosystem. See what technologies are in use worldwide that are helping teachers and students stay safe and still maintain an interactive, collaborative learning environment.  

sensors used in face mask
Sensors that Detect COVID-19 Could Be in Your Next Face Mask

Scientists from Harvard and MIT have created a sensor that emits a fluorescent light when activated by the virus. The technology can be embedded in a face mask or other materials to aid in COVID-19 detection and prevention.   

patch adheres to body and shows temperature
Wireless Temperature Monitoring Patch Aids in COVID-19 Care

TempTraq, a wearable device, monitors and records a patient’s body temperature for up to 72 hours, eliminating the need for sharing thermometers in medical facilities and ensuring the safety of healthcare workers and patients alike.    

man wears exosuit while working on automobile with drill
Ford Motor Company Relies on IoT Technologies to Boost Manufacturing Productivity

Robotic exosuits coupled with virtual reality and 3D printing have led Ford to restructure workspaces and assembly line tasks with the goal of reducing worker fatigue and improving productivity on the factory floor.  

diagnostic image of eye perimeter and size
Automated AI Solution Sharpens QC in Contact Lens Manufacturing

Contact lens manufacturing has traditionally used slower, manual inspection processes that can limit productivity and output. LEDA Technologies developed an automated inspection solution using technologies from ADLINK and Intel, and the production improvements are clearly visible.  

Gloved hand with sensor holds manufacturing part
ProGlove Hits the Mark with Wearable Barcode Scanners

Hands-free scanners help companies improve productivity and worker safety in the warehouse and on the manufacturing floor, while providing critical logistics information.  

view of downtown cityscape
Build 5G Smart Cities and Transportation Systems

Enable a faster, smarter, and sustainable future with 5G-transformed networks.