Man in hard hat and robotic arm hold up material
Synthetic Muscles Bring Robotic Powerlifters to the Manufacturing Floor

Advances in soft robotics are giving way to synthetic muscles that can change how industrial robots operate. Soft muscular systems will enable robots to support humans in lifting heavy items and make it safer for humans and machines to work side by side.  

A crowd of fans at a baseball park
Los Angeles Dodgers Shift to Analytics and Hit a Grand Slam

After adding analytics and compute power into its lineup, the Los Angeles Dodgers took home baseball’s biggest prize. The team wants a repeat performance in 2021, and IT is perfecting its skills in real-time decision making, video analytics, and fan experience. Having advanced analytics powered by Cisco and Intel® technology helps the front office, operations, players, and fans experience all the highs of a winning season.

Woman wearing masks pushes a grocery cart while looking at items on shelves
Supply Chain Insights Improve Temperature-Sensitive Deliveries

Cold chain delivery systems provide transparency and visibility into the transport of foods and pharmaceuticals. IoT sensors can monitor environmental and security issues and send the data to a cloud-based management system, giving users real-time updates on the whereabouts of their goods.  

robot making coffee
Intel Tech Helps a Singapore Coffee Shop Build a Robot Barista

At Crown Coffee, a small-yet-homey coffee bar in downtown Singapore, the barista never gets your order wrong. Ella is her name and with uncanny consistency she makes a perfect cup of coffee every time.  

Digital kiosk in outside lobby helps guests find their way in buildings
Lobby Kiosks Provide Efficient Visitor Registration and Contactless Safety

A virtual visitor and lobby management system can help cut down on the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These multiuse platforms provide organizations with a smart and efficient way to welcome and register visitors, plus easily gather visitor data for reporting.  

Fabric with sensors identifies avocado, kiwi, and grapefruit
The Latest Digital Home Innovation: Smart Fabric with Object Sensing

Textile advancements include stain resistance and increased durability. Researchers are now finding ways to enable household fabrics to sense objects and notify users to take action. That could bring the end of lost keys and shift how home cooks approach meals.  

A robot with meal options joins a waitress getting orders at a guest's table
Smart Service Robots Lighten the Workload for Restaurants

Robots are joining the wait staff at restaurants across Asia, and the COVID-19 pandemic is fueling interest in food service delivery robots in the US. They offer contactless interaction, promote social distancing, and can lighten the load of restaurants, many of which currently operate with a skeletal staff.  

Sensor on a Rolls Royce engine
IIoT and AI Provide the Fuel for Industrial Efficiency at Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce's industrial IoT initiatives have created a big, new challenge for itself: managing the data derived from 70 trillion data points. To do that, it turned to artificial intelligence and is now sharing a framework and toolkit to help other manufacturers apply—and trust—AI.  

Masked healthcare worker gives patient Covid vaccine
Big Tech Weighs In to Help Vaccine Distribution Efforts

Google, Microsoft, and SAP are rounding up partners to support and improve vaccination efforts. While federal efforts are moving forward, local organizations may be looking for help from integrators. Successful vaccine distribution depends on sharing accurate data throughout the supply chain, so organizations and local health departments can make plans and communicate effectively with their communities.  

Manufacturing robot with wheels and arm lifts cardboard box from pallet
Intelligent Warehouse Robots Automate Worker Tasks

The pandemic has led to an uptick in ecommerce across the board, and warehouses are struggling to meet demand. Warehouse automation systems are fast, accurate, and safe, giving companies a robotic hand as they respond to the increased need.

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