manufacturing industrial PCs
Accelerate Industry 4.0 with Modern Industrial PCs

Industry 4.0 will lead to the creation of smart factories, with machines that can communicate with each other. Backed by AI and insights from raw data, these machines could be empowered to configure production processes and make modifications in real-time to optimize operations.   

Airline staff use electrostatic technology to sanitize seats inside airplanes
Sterilization Nation: Airlines, Hotels Turn to UV-light, Robotics to Fight COVID-19

Electrostatic sprayers and UV-light sanitation systems provide airlines and hotels with high-end disinfection procedures, easing corporate and consumer cleanliness concerns. IoT technologies, robotics, and classic chemistry will allow airlines and hotels to reopen safely and efficiently amid the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Virtual reality view of aisle at a retail store
Virtual Reality Unleashes New Opportunities in Research, Training, and Retail

When COVID-19 shuttered VR arcades, the businesses put their vast computing resources and problem-solving skills to work on finding clues to a cure. VR is proving its value beyond gaming and stepping confidently into commercial environments in healthcare, retail, and business.  

Hand sanitizer from Back Forty Beer
Surviving the Supply and Demand Disruptions of the Pandemic

Hard-hit businesses have to pivot to find new revenue streams, and farmers struggle to find buyers for an abundance of milk and produce. How can the supply chain improve its technology to better match supply and demand?  

Bloom Energy team members work quickly to refurbish several hundred ventilators to support coronavirus response efforts.
Companies Step Up to Meet Rising Ventilator Demand, Energy Needs for Hospitals

With coronavirus infections still increasing, the supply of ventilators for patients is falling short. Companies including Co-Vents and Bloom Energy are working non-stop to meet demand and also helping field hospitals keep the life-saving machinery running with clean microgrid power.  

Solar grid at Monash University
Modernizing the Electrical Grid

Can today’s utilities respond to increased demand for renewable energy, the addition of IoT devices to the network, and a fast-growing population? Indra offers a new look at traditional grid operations that reflects the arrival of IoT, automation, and predictive analytics.     

Map using cell phone data to show where people travel after visiting a FL beach
Location and Mobility Tracking May Become a Valuable Aid in Virus Control

Cell phone location data is being used to map the path of Covid-19 and alert citizens to interactions with potential carriers. New solutions coming soon will test contract-tracing software for cell phones, while other solutions are using location data and wearables to assess the effectiveness of lockdown orders.  

Solar parking meter
Smart Parking Meters: IoT and Solar Are Ticket to Efficiency

Networked, solar-powered parking meters with vehicle detection sensors hit the streets, offering cities energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and automated parking fee collection.  

A model of a jet engine for educational purposes.
Use of 3D Printing Soars

With its roots in aerospace, additive manufacturing is now in the spotlight as 3D-printed components may save the day in the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies using the technology are seeing easier customization, faster time to market, and substantial cost savings in material sourcing.  

lntel patient technology
The Vital Role Technology Plays in Patient Care

Intel CPUs, server chips, FPGAs, and more have a long history of powering medical data centers and devices in hospital rooms. But with today’s COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare needs this technology now more than ever.